Apple Cider Vinegar For Yeast Infection: Cure a Yeast Infection at Home Fast

how to clear a yeast infection with acv how to clear a yeast infection with acv

ACV for yeast infection is usually mentioned among the natural remedies that women may resort to in order to soothe the irritation, and burning down there.

But, is it the miracle cure to the itching and burning down there, and if so how long does it take for it to cure candida infections.

These are the questions, that this article aims to answer, and guides you through series of steps to eliminate your infections for good.

As women, we all know that the moment the symptoms of a vaginal infection appear, such as the clumpy discharge, the itch that make you secretly squirming in your seat, and the burning that make you feel as if the gates of hell suddenly open between your legs. At these moments, nothing matters to you…than turning off the irritation, and burning around your vaginal area.

And, if you thought of apple cider vinegar as the miracle cure for this situation, then this article won’t disappoint you, as it will only confirm your good choice of using this natural remedy.

First let’s see what makes this natural approach a good choice to eliminate the infection.

Well, research in laboratories confirmed that ACV has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

A study conducted in 2018 proved that this natural anti-fungal was able to stop candida from growing out of control. The study showed that candida can’t survive in an environment rich in ACV.

Dr. Darshna Yagnik, and Dr. Ajit J Shah ,from Middlesex University in London , have conducted a study on the effect of ACV on harmful bacteria, here is their findings in their own words:

We proved that ACV could potentially protect the body from harmful bacteria by stopping the growth of bad bacteria and fungus in its tracks, stopping the spread of these infections.

The mechanisms involved by which this natural anti-fungal works is that it kills the pathogenic organisms by destroying their cell walls, protein structure, nuclear proteins, metabolic enzymes altering their structure.

This in turn prevents these organisms from replicating and stops their ability to respire and undergo metabolism. This results in their death and increased uptake by white blood cells such as monocyte and macrophages whose job is to clear infections by a process of phagocytosis.

Adding ACV to infected white blood cells lead to an increase in clearance of these harmful microbes by the cells, a decrease in release of chemicals associated with inflammatory processes such as pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Therefore we showed that ACV can reduce bacteria burden and help clear infections from certain bacteria and yeast.  This implicates that it could be used to treat clinical infections without the harmful side effects hence could be a natural alternative therapeutic.”


As you can see, these studies confirmed without doubt that ACV is able to stop the candida overgrowth. So, now, you have between your hands, a natural solution to eliminate the infection.

You no longer have to wait for hours in the doctor office, or apply messy creams to relieve your symptoms.

Instead all you need to do is to follow the instruction in this article, and in less than a week you will eliminate all the nasty symptoms that you suffer from.

How Much Is Too Much?

The quantity you are going to use depends upon the remedy you choice to apply. Below, you will find the different method to use ACV to treat the candida infections, and its required quantity.

How To Use ACV To Treat Candida Overgrowth.

Alright, I know, you certainly have been waiting for this part since you landed on this page.

But again, we are going, to give you more important information on the type of ACV you should be using, before we actually cover the procedure on how to use it to treat the infections.

It is recommended to use unfiltered ACV, and the type that hasn’t been pasteurized. It is necessary that the type of acv you are going to use in the treatment should be extracted from whole, chemical free, organically grown apples.

That way you are sure to get good results.

It is advised not to use white vinegar because is not as effective as naturally fermented vinegar.

 Commercial ACVs are also to avoid.

Commercial ACVs have gone through many processes that left them with poor anti-fungal properties. Processes such as pasteurization, refining, filtration, distillation, sterilization are there only to make the vinegar appealing to the buyer, but they ,on other hand, destroy most of the good proprieties in the ACV.

As a rule of thumb, a good quality of ACV appears cloudy. If you live in the USA then it is recommended to use a brand called Bragg, which is also available in Canada. If you live in New Zealand, look for the brand Coral Tree.

If you buy a bottle of good quality ACV, you don’t need to put it in the refrigerator, and it can last for five years. Though, you need to store it in a dark place, with its cork tightly closed.

Proven Remedies To Eliminate The Infection:

Vaginal Douching:

This is a highly recommended remedy because it immediately rebalances the vagina pH level, and wipes away the itching and swelling.

You will notice that from the first use of this remedy, you will no longer itch or feel burned down there.


  • Warm 1 quart of distilled water, then add to it three tablespoons of ACV.
  • Stir well, and then pour the end mixture using a funnel into a douche bag, then attach the nozzle.
  • Lie on your back, get the douche bag close to your groin area and gently press on the douche bag.
  • Repeat the process for a few days, once a day, until the symptoms are gone.

ACV Bath For Candida Overgrowth:

If you don’t prefer the douching strategy for any reason, then here is another more suitable remedy to let the ACV cool down the itching and burning.


  • Fill your bathtub with warm water.
  • Add two cups of ACV.
  • Add one cup of iodized salt.
  • Sit in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Listen to your favorite music, will enjoying your bath.
  • After you are finish, dry the vaginal area well, and wear cotton underpants to let the air flow down there.

Soaked Tampon:

The main benefit for this remedy is that the vinegar gets into contact directly with the vagina walls. This ensures more capabilities for the anti-fungal proprieties contained in ACV to fight off the bad bacteria, and restore the vagina pH to its normal level.


  • Mix equal amounts of water and ACV.
  • Stir the mixture well, then soak in a tampon, then gently insert it into the vagina for at least 15 minutes.
  • After you remove the tampon, wash the area with warm water, and dry it well, before you put your clothes on.
  • Repeat the remedy once a day, until the symptoms are gone.
  • If you sense a burning sensation, and feel uncomfortable with the mixture, just lower the amount of acv, until you found the right balance.
  • Do not use this method if you are pregnant.

Consuming a Regular Dose of ACV Each Morning:

This will Actually help rule out any breeding environment for the candida.

In addition to that it helps to have better digestion, and lower your blood sugar to name the least. Actually, the latter one helps at starving the yeast, since it feeds on sugar.

Drinking a mixture of juice and acv a day can keep your body pH in check; which in turn will hinder the growth of bad bacteria.

Since, raw ACV tastes bad, it is recommend that you mix it with juice or simply water.

How Long Does It Take to Cure a Yeast Infection:

As a general rule, you cannot see any improvement before 3 to 7 days. So you should keep using the remedy of your choice, until you see some improvement.

Of course if you aren’t comfortable using ACV, again it is important to dilute it with enough water, so it won’t burn your skin.

ACV has a myriad of health benefits, and using it to treat your yeast overgrowth will only do good for you.

However keep in mind that it needs more than one dimensional treatment to keep this health problem from coming back.

Luckily for you there is a natural and holistic approach, that many women like you have been raving about, and have been getting atoning results after following it to a tee.

If you too, want to eliminate the root cause of the yeast overgrowth, and never suffer from it again, then see how one of readers used this step by step system, and now is living a life free from yeast infection for more than 3 years.

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