Can I Use Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids?

Can I Use Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids Can I Use Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids

Nowadays, more than ever people are turning to natural remedies to treat hemorrhoids. They have witnessed firsthand what’s like to use conventional topical treatment which doesn’t provide any final cure to their problem.

Coconut oil for hemorrhoids is one of these natural remedies that people who have been affected by hemorrhoids, swear by.

If you have tried to cure your hemorrhoids with topical treatments with no success, then this natural remedy will give you the relief you are looking for.

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However, it pays a lot to understand what hemorrhoids are and what causes them. Once you understand this, you will be armed with the right information to ease your health condition.

What are hemorrhoids:

They are blood vessels irritated by too much pressure being applied on them. These blood vessels are located at lowest part of the rectum and near the anus area.

The origin of the pressure comes from constipation. When you are constipated, your stools become hard and dry which leads you to strain on the toilet.

The repeated pressure cause a rip in the vein walls, which explains why you notice the red bright blood on stools, or toilet paper, after a bowel movement.

If you do nothing to stop this internal light bleeding, it might develop into an external hemorrhoid. The incessant pressure causes the veins to protrude and bulge outside the anus. This condition is very painful.

The symptoms that are associated with external hemorrhoids include itching, burning and soreness around the anus area.

To relieve these symptoms, hemorrhoids’ sufferers turn to topical treatments such as suppositories, ointments and creams, most people discover after a short period of time that this treatment is limited in its effectiveness.

The truth is topical treatments for hemorrhoids serve as aid-band; they are not conceived to give a long lasting relief. They work only for a short period of time to relieve the itching and soreness.

What’s worse is that this treatment comes with harmful side effects; that people usually are not aware of, or don’t take them seriously.

The prolonged use of topical treatments may cause thinning of tissue, or even worse cause eczema skin.

Hopefully, you have discovered this fact before you harm your tissue, because the damage these creams and ointments cause to the skin is irreversible.

On the other hand, natural remedies are safe. They are more powerful at treating hemorrhoids, and do so with no side effects at all.

Can I Use Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids? Yes, sure. Read below how to use this natural remedy.

How to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids:

  • Melt 1 cup of virgin oil.
  • Pour in a ¼ off lavender essential oil.
  • Put the mixture into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
  • Get a cotton ball or cotton cloth, soak it in the mixture, and then apply gently on the hemorrhoids.

You will feel an instant relief. Repeat at least three times a day and after every bowel movement, on a dry and clean ass.

The benefits of coconut oil don’t stop there; you can use it to relive the constipation, which is the main cause of hemorrhoids.

Concoct oil is loaded with medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAS) which add bulks to your stool.

It is recommended to take ½ tsp. of coconut oil in the morning and the same quantity at night.

That’s it, if you stick to the suggestions above you will see great results in a week or two.

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