Can You Leave Witch Hazel on Hemorrhoid Overnight?

Can You Leave Witch Hazel on Hemorrhoid Overnight Can You Leave Witch Hazel on Hemorrhoid Overnight

Witch hazel for hemorrhoids can provide a soothing relief down there. It works to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids in just few minutes, as explained.

It is easy to use, just soak a clean cotton ball in witch hazel suppository and apply gently on the hemorrhoid’s area.

Once applied just sit for 15 minutes to allow witch hazel for hemorrhoids to do its job. You will feel a great relief down there, and the itching and burning will disappear.

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Use witch hazel after every bowel movement, and at least three times per day.

Witch hazel for hemorrhoids is able to constrict the blood vessels, thus stopping the bleeding, and reducing the inflammation in the thin veins.

However, do not expect witch hazel to treat your hemorrhoids for good. That’s because hemorrhoids aren’t a localized skin condition that can be cured using suppositories.

Fact is hemorrhoids are triggered by internal factors, and the external symptoms are just a manifestation of those internal facts. If you only focus on treating the external symptoms of hemorrhoids such as the itching, and the burning, without addressing the root cause, then you can’t treat your hemorrhoids for good.

If you are really serious about getting rid of hemorrhoids for good, then it is important to treat the internal cause effectively and in timely manner.

Now, that I have your attention, let’s first cover what are the internal causes of hemorrhoids.

For starters, constipation is by far the leading cause of hemorrhoids.

Constipation forces you to strain on the toilet to evacuate yourself, thus exerting a pressure on the thin and weak blood vessels that are located at the end of the rectum. With repeated pressure being applied on those thin veins, they give way and start to bleed.

This condition sets the ideal environment for hemorrhoids to flare up.

Don’t worry, if you already suffer from constipation, because it is easy to get rid of it as shown below.

The second cause of hemorrhoids is diarrhea. Diarrhea forces you to go to the toilet many times, which makes the thin veins to be subject to repeated pressure.

The third cause of hemorrhoids is flatulence. When you are bloated, you are prone to hemorrhoids.

In order to get rid of hemorrhoids, it is essential to get rid of constipation, and here is how to do it.

First of all you need to drink enough water, so you prevent constipation to happen. Water helps to soften your stools, and makes foods move smoothly inside your intestines.

The recommended amount of water to drink is said to be between four to six glasses a day.

Another important step you should take is to add fiber to your diet. Fiber helps you to avoid dry and hard stools, so you won’t find yourself straining on the toilet.

Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, and it is advised to get at least 34 grams of fiber per day.

That’s it if you incorporate those two daily habits and follow them for at least a week, along with using with hazel for hemorrhoids, you can cure your hemorrhoids easily.

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