Can You Use Coconut Oil On Hemorrhoids?

Can You Use Coconut Oil On Hemorrhoids Can You Use Coconut Oil On Hemorrhoids

Coconut oil for hemorrhoids is what many people rely on to soothe the itching, and burning. This natural remedy is able to help you sit and walk properly without suffering from the itching, and burning.

I have tested this remedy first hand, and I know what I am talking about. Like you, I had gone through this painful health condition, and had suffered a lot from the painful itching, and burning, to the point that I spent most of my days lying on the couch.

Hemorrhoids made me hostage to my house; I missed a lot of important events, and family meeting, because of this horrible health condition.

Like the majority of hemorrhoids’ suffers the first thing I did, was visiting my doctor, whom prescribed me a type of topical cream, and other medications.

I religiously followed my doctor instructions, used the cream many times a day, and took the medications as explained in the prescription.

In a few days the pain lessened a lot, and I had become able to resume much of my daily activities. I was happy, and relived, that I finally found a cure to this painful condition.

However, after I stopped using the cream, and taking the medications, I noticed that my hemorrhoids condition worsened again.  So again I went to my doctor, and again he prescribed me other creams, and medications.

Things went like that for years, until I had become tired of the type of life I am leading, I hated being confined to creams. I wanted to treat my hemorrhoids for good.

I said enough is enough, and I went on looking for the cure that will free me of this horrible health condition.

I search high and low, and spent many weeks, devouring every article, book, or newspaper that addresses my problem. Until the day I stumbled upon a forum discussing, where a former hemorrhoids sufferer revealed how he had completely eliminated his hemorrhoids, using only a natural and holistic approach, including coconut oil for hemorrhoids.

I noted down every detail he gave, and went on applying the steps he mentioned.

First of all he emphasized the importance of supplying the body with enough water. He mentioned that since he started drinking five glasses of water per day his hemorrhoids condition bettered a lot.

He also, mentioned that he added a lot of fiber to his diet to make his stools less hard and dry.

Fiber is known for its ability to help the food move smoothly through the intestines, hence avoiding constipation.

Actually, when you are constipated, you are forced to strain on the toilet, which applies a lot of pressure on the thin veins located near the anus. Overtime this pressure cause rips in the veins, which make them bleed.

So, drinking enough water and adding fiber to your meals, is the best way to heal the internal cause of your hemorrhoids. Now, when it comes to using coconut oil for hemorrhoids, simply mix one cup of virgin coconut oil with ¼ of lavender essentials oil, then soak in a clean cotton ball, and apply on the hemorrhoids.

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