Desitin for hemorrhoids

Desitin for hemorrhoids

Desitin for hemorrhoids: does it work? When hemorrhoids get hold of your life, there is absolutely nothing you will not do for relief, nothing you will not take, nothing you will not try to end the pain, the itching and the irritation as quickly as possible.

When hemorrhoids strike, most of us start dreading the trips to the bathroom. And the big pharma company loves us for that, however we all know that over the counter hemorrhoids medications just do not do the trick.

Truth is ointments, pills, suppositories and creams never fix the root cause of the problem. In fact, all they do is to give hemorrhoids sufferers a false sense of security, by hiding symptoms, and making them believe they won’t be straining in the toilet for the next bowel movement, but the sad truth is they always disappoint us in the end.

What about Desitin for hemorrhoids?

Desitin for hemorrhoids is no different. Let alone the fact, that Desitin cream is not destined to deal with hemorrhoids in the first place, its main role is to treat and prevent diaper rash.  The dominant ingredient in Desitin cream is zinc oxide, which protects the baby skin from soiled or wet diaper.

Is there a treatment better than Desitin for hemorrhoids?

When it comes to hemorrhoids, things are more complicated and need a multi-dimensional treatment that takes into account not only soothing the outer affected area of the hemorrhoids, but also balancing your immune system in a way to eradicate the root cause of the problem and prevent it from happening again.

And luckily for you, such type of treatment exists, and many hemorrhoids suffers have been successfully using it to set themselves free form hemorrhoids once and for all.

It is all natural treatment, that doesn’t include risky surgery or buying any sort of creams, lotion or harmful drugs. Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees and try to find that magic solution when in reality all it takes is to go back to mother nature and use little known natural remedies and a full adjust of habits.

But before I show you exactly how to cure hemorrhoids naturally, fast and most importantly permanently, it is worth knowing what hemorrhoids are and what causes them. As it is only by gaining knowledge about the real cause you can eliminate it permanently.

In a healthy, normal condition, hemorrhoids are cushions of tissue that control bowel movement; they are filled with blood vessels located at the end of the rectum. They turn to a disease when they become swollen and inflamed.

People often use the term “hemorrhoids” to refer to the unhealthy condition, when the blood vessels become stretched and irritated.

The symptoms and signs of hemorrhoids depend on its type. There are two types of hemorrhoids: external and internal.

Internal hemorrhoids are located far enough inside the rectum that is impossible for you to feel them or see them. Generally, this type of hemorrhoids doesn’t hurt due to the fact that there are few pain-sensing nerves in that region. The only sign associated to them is a bright red bleeding.

External hemorrhoids are located around the anus, under the skin. In that region, there are more pain sensing nerves, thus they cause a severe pain along with swelling and bleeding.

Sometimes hemorrhoids slip down, or get swollen and bulge outside the rectum. In that case, you may be able to notice them as pink moist bumps. They tend to hurt more when you have a bowel movement.

External hemorrhoids may turn to a purple or blue thrombosed hemorrhoid when it forms a blood clot. This type itches and bleeds a lot. Even when the clot dissolves, usually it leaves a bit of skin over, which could get irritated.

What causes hemorrhoids:

A gradual increase of pressure on the veins located at the lower rectum, make them swell.

There are many different reasons leading to this situation, among them there is:

  • When there is an extra weight, due to pregnancy or obesity.
  • Sitting for too long on the toilet. “You are better off not spending more than 10 to 15 minutes in the bathroom”, says Jessica Wright author of hemorrhoids no more.
  • Pushing during bowel movement, this happens when the urge to poop is not there.
  • Straining due to lifting heavy objects.
  • Jobs that require sitting or standing for too long.
  • When constipated or having diarrhea.

How to deal with hemorrhoids:

Usually, the first thing people resort to when they get hemorrhoids, is traditional medication, such as creams and suppositories. While this type of treatment eases away the painful condition for a short period of time, it does not bring a final solution to the problem.

Sadly enough, the majority of people don’t know about other treatment, which leaves them prisoners to their hemorrhoids painful dilemma. Wouldn’t be nice if there was a fast action solution, better than desitin for hemorrhoids and something that would cure hemorrhoids, and prevent it from coming back in the near future?

Well guess what, that solution is just a couple of lines below, so keep reading to discover the treatment that’s better than Desitin for hemorrhoids.

Best Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment:

An excellent must to use in hemorrhoids treatment is these two methods: sitz bath and ice packs.

Sitz bath are the perfect solution for hemorrhoids. Made the right way, a sitz bath is capable to increase blood flow to the affected area, thus reducing inflammation and swelling.

The word sitz bath means to sit in bath, and originated from the German language. In practice only your bottom and hips should get in the bath. So it is better to use a round plastic bath that you can use in the shower floor.

sitz bat for hemorrhoids

If you are an elderly person, I suggest buying a proper sits bath from amazon or any local store you prefer.

How to make the perfect sitz bath:

What you will need:

  • Warm water.
  • 3 tablespoons of salt.
  • 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.


  • Pour the warm water in the sitz bath, add the salt and bicarbonate of soda, and then stir well until mixed.
  • Sit in the warm water for no more than 20 minutes.
  • To get the most out of this natural technique, repeat the process 3 times a day, ideally after a bowel movement.


  • This technique helps to clear up the veins from the infection.
  • Promote blood flow to inflamed blood vessels, which reduce the itching and irritation.


Side Note: Take care when getting up from the tub, because fast blood circulation might cause a little dizziness. For elderly people somebody should be present when getting up.

Ice pack for hemorrhoids:

When sits bath are alternated with ice packs, they give the best results for external hemorrhoids.

The sitz bath dilutes the anal veins, while the cold from the ice contracts them. This alternation elasticizes and strengthens the veins, which in turn helps to get rid of the hemorrhoids.

The ice pack should be applied after and not before the sitz bath. In that order, the veins first relax and dilute, which allows blood to flow smoothly, then comes the role of ice, which gives the needed contraction charge to stimulate the veins.

ices for hemorrhoids

How to apply ice on the hemorrhoids:

  • Wrap few ice cubes in a thin towel; it should be a thin towel, because thicker towel won’t allow an optimal direct contact with the hemorrhoids.
  • Place the prepared ice pack directly on the hemorrhoids area for 10 minutes, it will turn numb and the pain will vanish.
  • Repeat after every sitz bath 3 times per day.

In rare cases the pain may not go away, and if you feel comfortable applying the ice, then repeat as many times as you want. This is totally safe, and has no side effects whatsoever. It can only help to get rid of the pain.

If you combine these two powerful natural hemorrhoids relief, you will see great results, they are far better than Desitin for hemorrhoids. And if you want to further prevent them from coming back, take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to deal with hemorrhoids, and eradicate the root cause behind them.


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