Does Coconut Oil Help Hemorrhoids?

Does Coconut Oil Help Hemorrhoids Does Coconut Oil Help Hemorrhoids

Does coconut oil help hemorrhoids? Yes, coconut oil when mixed with lavender essential oils, gives a soothing relief to the itching and burning.

Does coconut oil help hemorrhoids?

Actually, when used cold, coconut oil will help reduce the swelling, and lessen the pain down there. But keep in mind that coconut oil alone can’t cure your hemorrhoids, that’ because they are not a localized skin condition.

Let me explain, you see, the itching, the swelling and burning you experience around your anus, is only a manifestation of a deeper internal problem inside your body. All the external symptoms you suffer from are signs that your body sends to inform you about the inner imbalance that lingers inside.

If you only focus on treating the external symptoms, without addressing the root cause of the problem, then you could only hide these symptoms for a short period of time using creams or ointments. But as soon as you stop using these topical treatments, including coconut oil, your hemorrhoids have big chances to come back again.

So what to do in order to eliminate hemorrhoids for good?

Along with using coconut oil to alleviate the external symptoms, you should adopt a few lifestyle changes that will help to address the internal inner imbalance.

This inner imbalance is caused by constipation, yes, there are other causes to hemorrhoids, but constipation remains one of the principal causes of it. So, treating constipation will immensely help to shrink your hemorrhoids.

How constipation cause hemorrhoids?

When you are constipated you can’t empty yourself without straining on the toilet, that’s because your stools are dry and hard.

The repeated straining will cause rips in the thin blood vessels situated near the end of the rectum, thus they start to bleed, and in other case they bulge outside the anus and form a small lump of tissue.

Then, starts all the itching, swelling, and burning, you experience later on. So, hopefully it became clear to you now that treating constipation should be the first thing to tackle in order to treat hemorrhoids.

Luckily, doing so is really easy, for starters you will need to get in the habit to drink more water, aim for at least four cups of water per day.

Water prevent constipation form settling in, and helps the body to rid itself from toxins, and wastes.

In addition to that, you should shift off to diets high in fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that helps to soften your stools. It is abundant in fruits and vegetables, so treat yourself with delicious fruits while at the same time treating your constipation.

The best fruits to fight constipation are: Prunes, Apples, Pears, Kiwifruit, Figs (my favorite), and Spinach.

A last tip, before we need this article, suggested that being active helps a lot your digestive system to work properly. So, doing fun easy exercises for 30 minutes a day is all you need to get things going down there. Don’t think of heavy, tiring exercises, you really don’t need them at all to help your constipation, just stick with easy exercises that you can even do at home.

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