Does Garlic Cure a Yeast Infection?

It is the question that many women who suffer from yeast infection seek an answer to. I myself had looked for an answer to this question before, and found mixed answers.

Some women claim that they have successfully treated their yeast infection with a clove of garlic, whilst other online sources warn against using this homemade technique.

Since I wanted to have a clear answer to whether or not garlic will work to treaty yeast infection, and since I was lost between those who are against this and others who swear by it, I decided to test the remedy myself, after all you never know until you try.

So, I went ahead, and grabbed a clove of garlic, peeled it off, cut it in half, and then for easy retrieval later on, I sew a string through it.

At night, before bed, I inserted a fresh half down there.  A few moments later I tasted garlic in my mouth, it is unpleasant, but it shows that there are some reactions going on down there.

Upon waking up in the morning, I headed to the toilet, and just pulled out the string, and the glove of garlic came out so easily, I just threw it in the toilet.

Honestly, I found myself still feeling a tickle of itchiness, so I decided to try the remedy one other night.

The next day, upon waking up, I felt more energetic, and didn’t feel any of the yeast infection symptoms that have been lurking down there the previous weeks.

So, I can confirm now, that garlic is very effective at treating yeast infection.

If you too, are on the fence to use garlic to cure your yeast infections, I strongly advise you to go ahead and, try it.

It is not harmful at all, well; you my experience a bit of irritation down there, but come on, suffering from yeast infections already make your vagina irritated.

And don’t worry about not being able to get it out from your vagina. The clove of garlic cannot be lost in there. Simply, circle your vagina with a finger, until you get it out.  And if you sew a string through, then it can be easily retrieved.

Garlic kills yeast, this is a well-known fact. But the sooner you use it to treat your yeast infection, the more effective it can be.

Again, don’t listen to those who are against using garlic to treat yeast infection, they are in most case affiliates to drug companies, who want you to use their brand, which cost an arm and leg, instead of discovering an effective, cheap way to cure this health condition.

In their attempt to deny the effectiveness of garlic, they emphasis on the fact that it will burn the vaginal skin. Well, if you are going to insert a cut-open clove of garlic into a healthy vagina, that may be true.

But, when you are suffering from yeast infection, then your vagina is already burned, and irritated so garlic will help the skin of vagina to constrict itself later on.

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