Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids reduce the itching and burning?

Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids reduce the itching and burning Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids reduce the itching and burning

Witch hazel for hemorrhoids is able to reduce the itching and burning down there, actually it can soothe the pain and all the hemorrhoids related symptoms in a matter of few minutes.

In addition, it is easy to use and apply. First you grab a new clean cotton ball, and soak it in witch hazel suppositories, then gently apply it on the hemorrhoids area. Let the cotton ball sit there for at least five minutes.

Repeat the same procedure three times a day, this will help you relieve the itching, burning and reduce the inflammation.

Witch hazel for hemorrhoids has worked for many men and women like you, it is so powerful when it comes to soothe the external symptoms. However, it cannot stop your hemorrhoids from coming back.

That’s because you can’t’ keep hemorrhoids at bay, by simply treating its symptoms, it is in fact by addressing the root cause of the problem that you can be sure to get rid of it for good.

Usually, when people get hemorrhoids the first thing thy use is creams and suppositories, while these topical treatments work perfectly to soothe the external symptoms of hemorrhoids, they can’t get to the root cause of the problem.

This fact leads the majority of patient to struggle with hemorrhoids for many years, and if they treat it, they only get a short time relief, before their hemorrhoids come back again.

The problem here is that unless you do something other than treating the external symptoms, such as the itching, the burning, and the inflammation, and focus on treating the internal inner imbalance you can’t get rid of hemorrhoids for good.

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Fact is hemorrhoids can’t be cured for good with topical treatments, that’s because they are not a skin condition. Topical treatments only work to alleviate the symptoms located on the skin, and are unable to get deeper and treat your inner imbalance.

That’s why you need a treatment that can heal your hemorrhoids from the inside out, and luckily for you such treatment exists, and this article will shed the light on this treatment.

This holistic approach to treat hemorrhoids consists of three components.

First, you need to supply your body with enough water, so it can remove toxins and wastes easily, thus stopping constipation from taking place.

Water is an eminent factor when it comes to the function of the different part of your body. It avoids having hard and dry stools, thus you won’t find yourself straining on the toilet.

The second component of this holistic treatment is to consume more fiber. Fiber is abundant in fruits and vegetables, and it helps a lot to lubricate your stools, and make them soft. It is the best element that aids you to empty yourself without the painful straining.

Your goal is to get at least 35 grams of fiber per day, to keep your digestive system healthy and work properly.

The third component of this natural and holistic approach to cure hemorrhoids is doing some physical exercise. They don’t have to be hard and tiring, as a matter of fact running or even walking for a few minutes regularly, is all you need to keep your body healthy.

With the help of witch hazel for hemorrhoids, and the tricks mentioned above, you can get rid of hemorrhoids for good.

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