Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids work to stop the itching?

Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids work to stop the itching Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids work to stop the itching

Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids work to stop the itching? It may surprise to know that witch hazel for hemorrhoid’s is capable of doing wonders when it comes to relive the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Does witch hazel for hemorrhoids work to stop the itching?

It is able to repair the damaged veins, and reduce the swelling that affected them.

The procedure for using witch hazel is so simple , just take a clean cotton ball, and then dip it in a cream consisted of witch hazel, after that put the cotton ball right on the hemorrhoids’ ‘area.

You will experience an immediate relief. The itching and burning will disappear, and you can move around without sensing any pain.

However, there is one downside to this natural remedy is that it only brings a temporary relief.

Because it only works on soothing the external symptoms, but it cannot treat the root cause of hemorrhoids, which in turn will cause the hemorrhoids to come back.

Topical treatments such as witch hazel for hemorrhoids work great when it comes to treat any localized skin condition, but they are ineffective when it comes to heal the hemorrhoids for good.

Truth is hemorrhoids aren’t only the symptoms that you experience on the surface; they are in fact triggered by internal factors, mainly constipation.

And unless, you do something to treat this inner imbalance, you most likely will continue to suffer from hemorrhoids.

Many people wonder why their hemorrhoids keep coming back, when in fact they only focus on treating the external symptoms, and do nothing to cure the root cause.

This article will show you the right way to treat your hemorrhoids, and keep it at bay.

There is a natural and holistic treatment that focuses on following a set of daily habits, which will help you to cure your hemorrhoids.

Don’t forget that treating your hemorrhoids for good, means treating your constipation.

Truth is you don’t need to buy expensive creams, or harmful laxatives to ease your constipation.

Here are a few guidelines to help you ease your current hemorrhoids condition.

You first step consists of getting in the habit of drinking more water. The more you drink water, the more you help your body to remove toxins and wastes.

Water is essential to the good function of your digestive system. It aids to keep your stools softs, so you aren’t forced to strain on the toilet.

In addition it helps to move the food faster through your intestines, thus avoiding having dry and hard stools.

Next step you should follow is adding fiber to your diet. This is really important, that’ because fiber adds bulks to your stools, and help you to evacuate yourself easily without too much pain.

Fiber is available in large quantities in fruits and vegetables, your goal is to consume between 30 to 35 grams of fiber per day.

The last step of this natural and holistic approach to heal hemorrhoids is to be active. Doing some physical activities will further help your digestive system work more efficiently, Thus avoiding constipations. That’s it if you follow the steps above, along with using witch hazel for hemorrhoids, you will eliminate hemorrhoids for good.

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