Does Witch Hazel Make Hemorrhoids Go Away?

Does Witch Hazel Make Hemorrhoids Go Away Does Witch Hazel Make Hemorrhoids Go Away

Does witch hazel make hemorrhoids go away? Well, I really don’t want to get your hopes down, but witch hazel alone can’t eliminate your hemorrhoids, unless you have a light case of hemorrhoids.

Does witch hazel make hemorrhoids go away?

Truth is you need to couple witch hazel with a few other things to eliminate your hemorrhoids for good. But don’t worry, since you have found this, you will know how to treat your hemorrhoids for good.

So, first let’s see what hemorrhoids are, since by knowing this fact, you will have a good grasp of what it takes to eliminate it for good.

What are hemorrhoids?

You see, it is easy to get caught in everyday life, and forget about maintaining a good lifestyle. So why on earth I am talking about lifestyle, well that’s because hemorrhoids are the result of the way we live.

Actually, the main cause of hemorrhoids is constipation, and constipation is the direct result of how we go about every day live, what we eat, what we drink, and how active we are during the day.

In a study conducted in Harvard University, 80% of hemorrhoids sufferers reported that didn’t drink too much water a month or two before they got hit by hemorrhoids.

You see, everything happen for a reason, and if you are serious about treating your hemorrhoids, then you only need to adopt a few lifestyle changes for the sake of your wellbeing.

When your body lacks water, your stools will be hard and dry, thus it won’t be easy for you to evacuate yourself, unless you strain hard on the toilet. Overtime, this condition will develop into hemorrhoids.

You will start to notice a bleeding down there, and start to experience the itching and burning.

These are signals that the thin blood vessels near your anus are ripped due to the repeated straining.

First thing you can do to alleviate those external symptoms, I mean the itching, the swelling and burning is to apply a small amount of witch hazel on the irritated area.

Repeat it three times a day, after every bowel movement. Doing so will bring a soothing relief.

Now you will need to start drinking more water, aim for at least four cups per day, and keep at it for at least a week, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Not only will this helps your body to prevent constipation, but also will give you a clear skin.

In addition to that, get in the habit to avoid processed foods, because they cause constipation, and lack the most important nutrient to fight hemorrhoids, which is Fiber. Instead opt for foods that are rich in fiber, eat more fiber and vegetables, keep at it for at least two weeks, and you will notice a great improvement in your health overall, not only your hemorrhoids.

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