Does Yogurt Work For Yeast Infections?

Does Yogurt Work For Yeast Infections Does Yogurt Work For Yeast Infections

When I first got my first case of yeast infections, I didn’t think about treating it immediately, I left it in the hope that it will vanish on its own.

But, boy was I wrong! Things got bad too quickly; from the bit of tickling I felt the first few days to sever itching and burning in vagina.

Before I try Yogurt For Yeast Infections

I thought, no way I am going to suffer in silence. At first I didn’t think about using yogurt for yeast infection, instead I went to visit my doctor, and told her about all the symptoms I experienced, she prescribed me a dose of antibiotics, and asked me to stay away from eating anything loaded with sugar.

So, I bought the medicament, and started to use them as prescribed, I also refrained from eating anything that is rich with sugar.

Few days later, the symptoms had reduced a lot. I felt relieved and happy, that I finally got rid of this nasty and annoying yeast infection.

To be honest, I didn’t complete my course of treatment; I stopped taking the medicaments, and went on living my life as usual.

Sadly, few months later and again, I found myself dealing with the symptoms of yeast infection, such as the burning, and itching. These symptoms really drove me crazy, and I wanted to try anything to stop this irritating health condition.

What Causes Yeast Infections To Come Back?

I looked online from some explanations as to why my yeast infection had come back. And there is one explanation that really stood out from all the rest, and seemed too convincing.

The author of the reply stated that antibiotics are the reason behind the recurring yeast infections.

She said that antibiotics cause an inner body imbalance. As a matter of fact, inside your intestines live many species of bacteria, some of them are good and others are bad. In a healthy stomach, those different species of bacteria live in a total balance, until something strange come in, and disturb their harmony.

Antibiotics are the number one reason to disturb the inner balance of your body. So, if you are taking antibiotics, chances are sooner or later, they would interfere with the normal function of your body, and kill the good bacteria.

Does Yogurt Work For Yeast Infections?

The former yeast infection sufferer said that she cured her case by using yogurt for yeast infection. She stated that plain, unsweetened yogurt is able to restore the good bacteria, and fight back the bad bacteria that cause yeast infection to settle in.

The procedure of using yogurt to treat yeast infection is really simple. You only need to insert a tampon in yogurt, and then insert it into the vagina. It is best to wait until bedtime, in order to leave the tampon in vagina for the whole night.

If you didn’t notice any improvement, simply use the same remedy for two or other three days, and you will notice a great improvement.

So, yogurt for yeast infection does work, and don’t forget to use a plain, unsweetened type of yogurt.

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