Eating Yogurt For Yeast Infection

While, consuming yogurt is a good practice, that may help to restore your inner body balance, it is not enough to treat your yeast infections.

In order to treat your yeast infection, you need to deal with the root cause of this condition. The symptoms, you experience, such as the itching, and burning are a manifestation of internal problem inside your body.

If you only keep on alleviating the external symptoms, without properly addressing the root cause, you can’t cure your yeast infections for good.

You see, inside your body cohabit many types of bacteria. They are generally categorized into bad and good bacteria.

When your body pH level is balanced, these bacteria cohabit in balance; however a soon as your pH lever is disturbed, the bad bacteria grows in number, and colonize, your intestines, urinary tract, and vagina area.

This condition causes you to suffer from yeast infections.

So, now it becomes clear that in order to treat the yeast infection, it is important to restore your body inner balance.

Here comes the use of yogurt as a natural, cheap and safe remedy to restore the lost balance.

If you are wondering what makes women choose using yogurt to treat the yeast infections, here is an explanation to this.

Yogurt contains a friendly type of bacteria known as Lactobacillus that lives in your gut, without causing harm to your body. When this type of good bacteria becomes less in number, it leaves you vulnerable to attacks from bad bacteria.

There are many ways to use yogurt as a remedy for yeast infections.

Consuming plain, unsweetened yogurt helps to control the candida overgrowth; however applying yogurt directly on the affected area is also very effective to cure the yeast infection.

If you suffer from virginal infection, then you can insert yogurt down there, with the use of a tampon, or simply by using your fingers.

For instant soothing relief, fill a tampon applicator, with frozen yogurt, and leave it into your vagina.

That way, you will able to soothe the itching and burning, around the vagina area.

Yogurt doesn’t have any side effects. It is cheap and very convenient. It restores the bacterial balance in your vagina.

The friendly type of bacteria, found in yogurt, releases hydrogen peroxide, which kills bad bacteria, and clears up the infection.

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