Garlic Supplement For Yeast Infection

Garlic Supplement For Yeast Infection Garlic Supplement For Yeast Infection

Garlic supplement for yeast infection are generally used at home to relieve the itching and burning, but do they work, and is it possible to use garlic directly into the vagina.

Those are the questions that this article will attempt to answer, and give proven time-tested methods to use garlic to treat yeast infections.

If you have been trying to rid yourself of yeast infections, to no avail don’t worry, you are not alone.

According to the national health institute approximately 75% of women suffer at least once form yeast infection in their life.

Yeast infection is a common health issue amongst women; men also are affected by this problem, but in lees numbers than women.

I know that you are eager to discover how to use garlic to treat yeast infection, but keep in mind that’s important to have a good knowledge of the problem you are dealing with, that’s why we are going to talk first about the causes of this problem, so it become really easy for you to treat it for good.

There are many causes of yeast infections, but the most important ones can be summed up in three major causes.

  1. Taking antibiotics:

Yes, you read that right; actually antibiotics are a major cause of yeast infections. That’s because antibiotics can promote the overgrowth of candida albicans, which is a harmful type of bacteria found in your urinary tract, intestines, and vagina.

Candida albicans is the type of fungus that’s responsible for the itching and burning you suffer from.

Garlic supplement for yeast infection, can reduce the number of candida albicans, and relive the itching, and burning, in just few days.

  • High diet sugar:

Yeast feeds on sugar; you should keep this information in mind, when choosing what you eat. Don’t feed your enemy what gives him power.

Instead of eating diets rich in sugar, or consuming proceeds foods, it is better to switch to a diet that contains vegetables, and fruits.

If you continue to eat sugar rich diet, than garlic supplement for yeast infection are worthless.

  • Lifestyle habits:

Making a few, but important lifestyles habits, may help to prevent, and even treat the yeast infections.

Yeast prefer moist environments, such as the area around your vagina.

So, it is good to wear cotton underwear, because they can absorbs moist, and keep the area around your vagina dry.

 Get in the habit to change your tampons regularly. Also, don’t hang for long in bath suits, as they may promote a favor environment for yeast to settle in.

If you just adopt these few style changes, along with using garlic supplements for yeast infection, you can greatly improve your health condition.

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