How Can Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids Reduce The Swelling?

How can witch hazel for hemorrhoids reduce the swelling How can witch hazel for hemorrhoids reduce the swelling

Many hemorrhoids suffers aren’t aware of the effectiveness of natural remedies when it comes to treat the external symptom such as the itching, the burning and the swelling.

The majority of patients just go the traditional route of using topical treatments such as creams and suppositories.

However, there is an effective natural remedy that can give a better result that than the traditional medicine, which is witch hazel for hemorrhoids.

Witch hazel is able to lessen the pain around the anus area by constricting the blood vessels, and reducing the swelling.

Upon using witch hazel you will experience a great relief; you can walk, sit and move without sensing any pain.

In addition to that using witch hazel is very simple.

  1. Prepare a clean cotton ball.
  2. Buy or make a witch hazel suppository.
  3. Soak in the cotton ball, and then apply on the affected area.
  4. Repeat as many times throughout the day, as you wish. It is a safe natural solution that has no side effects at all.

This simple natural solution will better your hemorrhoids’ condition.

In addition to the use of witch hazel for hemorrhoids, here are two other suggestions that will greatly help to heal the internal cause of the hemorrhoids.

For starts, you are going to increase your intake of water during the day. Water helps the body to remove toxins, thus preventing constipation. It is recommended to drink between four to five glasses of water per day.

In addition to that, you are invited to consume more fiber. Fiber is found in abundance in fruits, and vegetables. It has the capacity to add bulks to your stools, so making them less hard and dry.

Doing so will prevent constipation, which is the main cause of hemorrhoids.

When you are constipated, you will find yourself straining more and more on the toilet to empty yourself.

This straining exerts repeated pressure on the thin blood vessels found at the end of the rectum. Overtime these veins will burst, and start to bleed, which cause hemorrhoids.

However, drinking enough water, as well as eating diets rich in fiber, will prevent this from happening.

According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans the recommended quantity of fiber to consume per day for men is between 30 to 38 grams per day; for women that are between 18 and 50 years recommended quantity is 25 grams per day, and only 21 grams a day for older women who are above 51 years.

Again, I want to emphasis the fact that fiber is really great when it comes to loosen your stools in order to avoid the straining. And above all, this natural and important nutrient is easily found in vegetables and fruits, so take advantage of it, instead of taking harmful drugs to ease your constipation.

As, you can see, the three elements included in this article, water, fiber and witch hazel for hemorrhoids, work together in complementary to eliminate the external and internal cause of hemorrhoids. Witch hazel will take care of the external symptoms of hemorrhoids, whereas water and fiber will work to eliminate the internal causes.

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