How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last After Using Creams?

How long do hemorrhoids last after using creams How long do hemorrhoids last after using creams

How long do hemorrhoids last? Would using creams for hemorrhoids stop it from coming back? Such are the questions that people start to ask when they encounter their first case of hemorrhoids.

People, generally, rely on topical treatment such as creams and ointments to treat their hemorrhoids. Even though many studies show that creams cannot cure hemorrhoids for good, people continue to use them because they don’t know about any other solutions.

Hemorrhoids cannot be cured with creams because they are not a skin disease. Yes, it is possible to alleviate the external symptoms using creams, but they are unable to stop the hemorrhoids from coming back.

Hemorrhoids are triggered from an inner health problem inside the body, and unless you do something to address this issue, you will continue to suffer from hemorrhoids.

When your body suffers from an inner imbalance, it sends warning signals to alert you of this problem, in the case of the hemorrhoids the warning signals are the itching, the burning and the swelling around the anus area.

When you only focus on relieving the external symptoms using creams, and ignore to fix the root cause of the problem, you cannot avoid another hemorrhoids flare-up in the near future.

Truth is the best way to treat your hemorrhoids for good is by listening to your body warning signals, and addressing them in timely manner.

Sadly, topical treatment, such as creams and ointments cannot fix this internal health problem, that’s why you need to rely on a natural and holistic approach that you are going to discover in the next few lines.

There is a natural and holistic approach, that’s capable of alleviating your current hemorrhoids’ condition, and prevent it from coming back, it is the right answer to the question “how long do hemorrhoids last?”

This holistic and natural approach consists of three steps.

In the first step you are going to add fiber to your diet. This will help to reduce the constipation, because fiber has the potential to loosen stools, and make them less hard and dry.

For older women, the recommended quantity of fiber is around 25 grams per day. For older men is between 30 to 34 grams per day. It is easy to get this amount of fiber per day from fruits and vegetables.

In the second step you are going to increase your water intake. Water helps to eliminate the toxins from the body, thus preventing constipation; which is the main cause of hemorrhoids.

When you are constipated, you will find yourself forced to push to empty yourself. This straining on the toilet will exert an additional and repeated pressure on the thin blood vessels at the end of the rectum, thus causing the swelling and bleeding.

In the third step of this natural and holistic approach you are invited to do some physical activities, as this practice showed great effectiveness when it comes to reduce the hemorrhoids symptoms. By following these three steps, you can easily lessen the pain, and prevent your hemorrhoids from coming back, and you will no longer worry about the question how long do hemorrhoids last?

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