How Long Do Hemorrhoids Take To Go Away?

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Take To Go Away How Long Do Hemorrhoids Take To Go Away

How long do hemorrhoids take to go away? Are topical treatments effective to cure hemorrhoids? These are the questions that many hemorrhoids suffers seek an answer for them.

How long do hemorrhoids take to go away?

Usually, for a new or light case for hemorrhoids it may take three days to clear up, however for more complicated case it may last for a week or two.

Hemorrhoids aren’t a life threating health problem, but they are nasty and very annoying. When hemorrhoids strike, some people become even unable to walk or move freely. Hemorrhoids hold them hostage in their houses.

In their attempt to put an end to the pain, the itching and the burning, the majority of people resort to topical treatments. They are led to believe by the pharma companies, that topical treatment are the miracle cure to their health condition.

It is only after few tries that people become aware of the ineffectiveness of these creams, then they start to look for a natural solution to their problem, since the conventional medicine failed to provide them the relief they are after.

Truth is creams cannot cure hemorrhoids for good, that’s because the latter aren’t a superficial health condition. It is in fact the result of an inner health problem that you need to fix in timely manner to prevent any further complications.

Think of it this way, imagine a pool of water that’s full of mosquitoes, and you decided to clean it up, at first you use a spray to kill the mosquitos around, this will work for a few days to keep them away, but after a few days they will come back, so again you use the spray to catch them off, but again after a few days they come back.

What’s the problem here? Well, what you are actually doing is using a temporary solution to solve the problem, and it is until, and unless you clean the pool thoroughly and pour in new clean water, you will be able to end the constant the tug of war with mosquitoes.

Treating your hemorrhoids, basically, fits in the same analogy. Using creams will only help to hide the symptoms for a short period of time, before another flare-up takes place.

It is only when you treat your hemorrhoids from the inside out that you can eliminate it for good.

Here are few things you can start doing right now, and will greatly help to eliminate the internal cause of your hemorrhoids.

Start by consuming more fruits and vegetables, that’s because they contain Fiber, a nutrient that is known to ease constipation. Fact is the latter is the main cause behind hemorrhoids, so taking care of it, will improve your health condition a lot.

In addition to consuming fiber, get in the habit of drinking enough water during the day. Four to five glasses of water per day is all you need to avoid the straining on the toilet. Juts by applying the above suggestion, in a week or less, you can eliminate your hemorrhoids.

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