How Long Does It Take For a Hemorrhoid To Shrink?

How Long Does It Take For a Hemorrhoid To Shrink How Long Does It Take For a Hemorrhoid To Shrink

How long does it take for a hemorrhoid to shrink? If I start drinking more water will hemorrhoids vanish? These are examples of questions that people ask when they want to get rid of the hemorrhoids but they don’t know what to do exactly.

how long does it take for a hemorrhoid to shrink

There is no exact number to this answer. The healing time depends entirely on the severity of the hemorrhoids, as well as the treatment you are going to opt for.

Read below how you can treat your hemorrhoids naturally, and in timely manner.

Hemorrhoids are a widespread health condition; approximately by the age of 50 half of population had at least encountered one case of hemorrhoids.

When trying to cure the hemorrhoids, the first thing people resort to is the use of topical treatment such as creams and ointments.

 People are led to believe that applying creams on the hemorrhoids’ area is enough to treat the problem. While doing so may alleviate the hemorrhoids condition, it only works temporary, and it cannot treat hemorrhoids for good.

The reason that creams aren’t effective at treating hemorrhoids is that hemorrhoids aren’t a localized skin condition. What triggers hemorrhoids in the first place, is an inner imbalance inside your body.

Fail to address this inner imbalance in timely manner, will further aggravate your hemorrhoids condition, and thus making the healing process takes much longer.

Using creams to relief the outer symptoms of hemorrhoids such as the pain, the burning and the itching, while ignoring to address the root cause, will only make your hemorrhoids last longer than it should be.

The answer to the question “how long does it take for a hemorrhoid to shrink?” Is related to the effective treatment that’s capable of keeping the hemorrhoids at bay forever.

Such treatment exists, and it is easy to follow and implement. This treatment consists of three major guidelines.

The first thing you need to implement immediately is to start drinking more water throughout the day. Drink between four to seven glasses per day.

Water helps to loosen the stools, which lessen the constipation, and makes it easy for you to empty yourself without much straining.

Water also helps to remove the toxins, which improve the function of the digestive system.

Next thing, you need to implement is to add fiber to your diet. Fiber has the ability to add bulks to stools, so making them less hard and dry.

This step will eliminate the straining on the toilet. That’s because the straining on the toilet is what causes the swelling and bleeding of the thin blood vessels located at the opening of the rectum.

By consuming enough fiber, you will reduce the pressure applied by the straining on these thin blood vessels, thus reducing the pain.

Fiber is found in vegetables and fruits, aim to get at least 30 grams of fiber per day.

The third step that this effective treatment relies on, is to practice some light physical exercise, such as running, walking, it doesn’t’ have to be something hard an tiring, anything that gets you to move is enough. The three guidelines mentioned in this article are enough to eliminate your hemorrhoids, and if you practice them regularly you will soon experience a great relief.

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