How Long Does it Take Garlic to Cure a Yeast Infection?

It can take between 3 to 7 days for garlic to treat yeast infections.

But keep in mind, that garlic is effective at treating new or mild case of yeast infections. It cannot work to treat severe case of it.

If you have been unable to cure your health condition for a long time, don’t wait anymore, and consult your doctor immediately, before it develops into other severe health issues.

However, if you are experiencing a bit of itching, and burning down there, and want to ease these symptoms, then you have come to the right place.

Before we cover how garlic can treat yeast infections, let’s first learn some good news about this vegetable.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Its major active element, called allicin, is used in studies and many medical treatments, due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Even though there is no scientific evidence to whether garlic can treat a yeast infection, many women reported that they have used it with great success to heal their infections.

Garlic has the power to kill the yeast overgrowth, as  a matter of fact people who make bread, never add garlic to the dough wile it is raising, because I may kill the yeast.

There are many anecdotal records, which prove that the main component in garlic, allicin, was able to prevent yeast infections, and improve current conditions.

Gallic and scientific researches.

Medical researchers have tested the use of garlic to treat various disses; such the study conducted in 2006 on 18 candida strains. The final outcome of the study was promising, because garlic showed great capacity to reverse the effects of yeast infections.

Another study conducted in 2010, compared a garlic cream to clotrimazole (an antifungal cream). The test showed that garlic was effective as much as the medical cream.

Side effects of using garlic as a treatment.

Even though garlic can be promising in treating a yeast infection, it does come with some side effects.

Many women reported experiencing some undesirable side effects including: upset stomach, body odor, bad breath and heartburn.

Garlic can be used topically or orally. There are oral tablets available in public health stores that can be purchased over the counter. Oral tablets typically are made of allicin.

If you intend to use garlic on private parts, then there is garlic cream extract available as an option. You will have to apply the topical treatment around your vaginal area.

It is also beneficial, to add garlic to your food. You can also consume it raw, if you prefer. Keep in mind that you need to continue using garlic for at least seven days, in order for the yeast infection to heal.

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