How Long Does It Take To Shrink Hemorrhoids With Witch Hazel?

How long does it take to shrink hemorrhoids with witch hazel How long does it take to shrink hemorrhoids with witch hazel

How long does it take to shrink hemorrhoids with witch hazel? Actually, it depends on how severe your hemorrhoids.

How long does it take to shrink hemorrhoids with witch hazel?

If you suffer from a light case of hemorrhoids, then witch hazel may clear it up in just three days, however if you have a severe case of hemorrhoids, then it may take for a week or two to treat it.

But keep in mind, that witch hazel alone can’t treat a severe case of hemorrhoids, unless you use it along with other few lifestyles adjustment that this article will talk about.

You see, hemorrhoids are the direct result of how ones lead his life. The lifestyle that we got caught in, sometimes results in health problems, such as hemorrhoids.

Things such as what we eat? How often ones exercise? And are you only leading a sedentary life? All contribute to cause hemorrhoids happen.

Before, we address these three factors of hemorrhoids, lest’ first see what are hemorrhoids.

They are the result of too much straining on the toilet, due to excessive constipation.

When you are constipated, you will be forced to push hard to evacuate yourself, this results on exerting too much pressure on the thin blood vessels located near the rectum.

Overtime, these thin blood vessels start to bleed, and may even bulge outside the anus and from a hanging lump of tissue down there.

When people first discover that they suffer from hemorrhoids, they usually resort to creams, in the hope that applying it a few times a day, will ease their pain, and eliminate it for good.

Usually, things work better the first time, and they can experience a relief from the itching and burning, however as soon as they stop using the cream, their pain comes back again.

This is when the majority of hemorrhoids ‘sufferers start to look for other alternatives to creams, an alternative that works to treat their hemorrhoids for good.

Here comes the option to use witch hazel for hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is known for its properties to constrict blood vessels, and stop the bleeding.

It is really easy to use it, just apply a pea size amount on the hemorrhoids area a few times a day.

Along with using witch hazel to soothe the pain, you will need to adopt a few lifestyle changes to faster the healing process of your hemorrhoids.

There are actually simple things you could start applying right away, and will help you immensely to eliminate your hemorrhoids.

First of all, you need to start providing your body with enough water during the day. Since you suffer from hemorrhoids, chances are you are not drinking enough water.

Actually, most people who suffer from hemorrhoids report, they sometimes only drink a half cup of water the whole day. That’s one of the reasons that you got hemorrhoids, and as you can see it is really easy to remedy for this issue, just drink more water, four to five glasses per day will do the job.

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