How To Use Coconut Oil For Internal Hemorrhoids?

How To Use Coconut Oil For Internal Hemorrhoids How To Use Coconut Oil For Internal Hemorrhoids

How to use coconut oil for internal hemorrhoids? If you intend to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids, then you have made the right choice. That’s because it a safe and natural remedy, that has proven to work.

Before we answer your question “How to use coconut oil for internal hemorrhoids?” Let’s first take a look at the properties of coconut oil.

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Coconut oil is effective to soothe the itching, and burning caused by the hemorrhoids. It is a convenient method that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

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I first learned about this natural remedy to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, when I decided to look for a natural and safe alternative to the conventional treatment.

Like you I suffered from hemorrhoids, so I know first-hand what it feels like to be unable to walk or sit properly, due to the excessive itching and soreness down there.

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Like most of people who suffered from hemorrhoids, I first went the conventional road to treat my hemorrhoids, I tried many hemorrhoids creams, and bought countless medication, but they all failed to bring a lasting relief.

Every time I use a new cream, it works at first to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids such as the itching, and the burning, but as soon as I stop using it, my hemorrhoids come back with a vengeance.

I become tired of this vicious cycle, I no longer wanted to use these topical treatments that do nothing but to hide the external symptoms.

I decided to take matters into my own hands, and look after my health, since no one will care about my health problem as much as I do.

I started searching high and low for an effective and safe alternative to the conventional treatment. After lots of research and reading, I stumbled upon a natural and a holistic approach, shared by a former hemorrhoids sufferer, who used it to get rid of hemorrhoids for good.

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He laid out the steps he followed to successfully eliminate his heal problem. This natural and holistic approach relies on coconut oil for hemorrhoids, and a few other natural approaches.

He stressed the need to start drinking enough water daily, at least drink four to five glasses of water per day.

Water is really important to help the body clean itself from the toxins, thus preventing constipation.

In fact, constipation is the leading cause behind hemorrhoids. That’s because when you are constipated you are forced to strain on the toilet, which cause hemorrhoids.

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In addition to drinking enough water, you are going to add fiber to your diet, that’s because fiber adds bulks to your stools thus making them less hard.

Water and fiber work great to eliminate the internal cause of hemorrhoids, such as constipation, hard stools, and toxins.

How to use coconut oil for internal hemorrhoids?

Now when it comes to soothe the external symptoms, you are going to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids.

First melt one cup of virgin coconut oil, then add to it ¼ cup of lavender essential oil. Now let the mixture harden in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

When the mixture is ready, get a clean cotton ball, soak it in the mixture, and gently apply on the affected area. You will experience a soothing relief; the cold will help to hide the itching and burning.

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