How to Use Minced Garlic For Yeast Infection?

How to Use Minced Garlic For Yeast Infection How to Use Minced Garlic For Yeast Infection

How to use minced garlic for yeast infection? That’s what this article will try to answer, and give further techniques on how to use garlic to treat yeast infections.

I myself have used garlic to cure my yeast infections with great success. I learned this natural remedy from an online forum, I visit regularly.

Like you, I too have suffered from the itching and burning down there.

I spent many nights awake, unable to sleep due to the debilitating yeast infection I got.

In the beginning, when I first knew that I have yeast infections, I bought an over-counter-treatment, and use it for few days.

Truth is, after few days of using the otc treatment, I did notice little some improvement. The yeast infection no longer itches or burns.

I thought that yeast infection had gone, so I stopped using the antifungal cream.

To my surprise a few weeks later, I found myself fighting the yeast infections once again.

I was dishearten, and disappointed. I didn’t want to continue living with the nasty discharge, the itching, and burning that had ruined my sex life.

I decided it is time to take matters into my own hands, and started looking for an effective cure.

I didn’t want to use treatments that only mask the symptoms of the problem, without getting to the root cause of it.

I wanted not only for the itching, and burning to disappear, but also for the yeast infections to stop coming back.

So, I started reading and searching high and low, for effective treatment for my yeast infections.

How to Use Minced Garlic For Yeast Infection?

Until, I stumbled upon an online post on how to use minced garlic for yeast infection.

The technique was really simple. All you need to do is to insert a glove of garlic into vagina, for few nights, until the infection goes away.

At bedtime, insert the clove of garlic into your vagina, and remove it in the next morning. Don’t worry about the garlic getting lost in there, it won’t.

In order to make sure, that you can easily get the garlic out of your vagina easily, just sew a string through it and in the next morning just pull it out.

Garlic is famous for its antifungal properties. It is able to kill the yeast that had infected your vagina.

Don’t worry about garlic burning the skin of your vagina; because the latter is already inflamed, so garlic won’t add to your misery, on the contrary it will work to relieve the itching and burning down there.

So, yes using garlic to relieve the itching and burning is really effective. In just a few days, you can witness big improvement.

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