What Does Witch Hazel Do For Hemorrhoids?

what does witch hazel do for hemorrhoids what does witch hazel do for hemorrhoids

Using witch hazel for hemorrhoids, you can get an instant relief form the hemorrhoids pain.

It works to constrict the ripped thin blood vessels, as well as soothing the itching and burning.

It is simple and easy to use, grab a clean cotton ball, dip it in the witch hazel suppository, and then gently apply it on the affected area.

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Hold on the cotton ball, for at least five minutes. Do the same thing, three times a day, and after each bowel movement.

After using witch hazel, you will experience a soothing relief; you can walk and sit without any pain. This relief may last for hours, but keep in mind that you are going to need to use witch hazel every couple hours if you have a severe case of hemorrhoids.

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Though witch hazel for hemorrhoids is great when it comes to alleviate the external symptoms of hemorrhoids, the ones such as the swelling, the burning and the inflammation, it cannot cure hemorrhoids for good.

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That’s because the root cause of hemorrhoids is internal, and witch hazel only works to relief the superficial symptoms. That’s why if you keep using witch hazel, you can only get a temporary relief from the itching and burning, but you cannot in any way cure your hemorrhoids for good.

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Sadly, many hemorrhoids suffers get trapped in this vicious cycle; they keep using topical treatments such creams and hope that it will clear up their hemorrhoids for good.

Truth is hemorrhoids can only be cured if only it is treated from the inside out. In order to cure your hemorrhoids for good, you need to use an effective treatment, that is safe and give a lasting relief.

This article will show you how to cure your hemorrhoids effectively, and in a matter of seven day.

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There is an effective cure for hemorrhoids that only a handful of people know about, they have used it with great success, and are now hemorrhoids free for many years.

This treatment has three parts.

The first part emphasizes on drinking more water, so you keep your body hydrated. Water is your body best friend, it helps it stop constipation form developing, and get rid of the toxins.

It is best to drink five to six glasses of water per day.  Just spread them throughout the day.

The second step is to focus on consuming more fiber by adding it to your diet. Fiber provides big help when it comes to prevent constipation. It adds bulks to stools, thus making them soft.

This step helps you to empty yourself without the pain of the straining on the toilet, which is considered the main cause of hemorrhoids.

The third step emphases on the fact to avoid sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended to practice a light physical exercise that can keep you healthy, and at the same time doesn’t tire you.

By following the tips detailed above, along with using witch hazel for hemorrhoids, you can stop hemorrhoids from coming back.

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