What to Do When Garlic Stuck in Vagina to Treat Yeast Infection

What to Do When Garlic Stuck in Vagina to Treat Yeast Infection What to Do When Garlic Stuck in Vagina to Treat Yeast Infection

I heard a lot of stories about women using garlic to treat yeast infection. I never believed that one day I too would find myself on the fence to try this homemade technique.

Whenever I hear such stories I laugh it off, and make jokes about it. But, now that the burning and itching had turned my life upside down, I am willing to do anything to rid myself of this irritating health condition.

To tell you the truth, I always abide by my doctor’s recommendation, whenever I face an illness issue. And that’s what I did when I encountered my first case of yeast infections.

I visited my doctor, and described her all the symptoms I experienced, so she prescribed some antifungal creams, and suggested to refrain from eating anything rich in sugar.

Upon returning home, I immediately used the antifungal cream, and didn’t eat any sugar diet. After few days I felt good down there.

I no longer itch, and the burning had reduced a lot, so I felt relieved and happy that I got rid of my yeast infections. Days went by, and I went on living my life as usual.

However, few months later, and I found myself suffering from the same symptoms.

I felt hopeless and disappointed; I couldn’t believe that the fungal cream was so weak; that it didn’t stand in front of the yeast infections.

This time I didn’t visit my doctor, instead I told my best friend about the issue. Without hesitation, she immediately recommended to use garlic to treat my yeast infections.

I felt unsure about the idea, and asked here to give me further validation that this would work, and what to do in case the garlic get stuck in vagina.

She told me the garlic is well known for its antifungal proprieties. As a matter of fact, she told me that bread makers, won’t add garlic to the bread while the dough is rising because they know it may kill the yeast.

I was afraid that garlic may add to the burning and itching, but she reassured me that this is a part of the healing process, and my vagina is already inflamed due to the infections.

What to Do When Garlic Stuck in Vagina to Treat Yeast Infection.

In what concerns getting the glove of garlic lost in vagina, she told me about a neat trick to avoid this from happening.

She said that by sewing a string through, I would be able to retrieve the clove of garlic easily the next morning.

She added that in case the glove of garlic get stuck in the vagina, all I need to do is to circle my vagina with my finger, and I will surely find it.

The glove of garlic cannot be lost, and cannot penetrate the cervix; it may get stuck into the pocket between the vagina wall and the cervix.

My friend told me that garlic works great to relive all the symptoms of yeast infections. It may take a few days to work, but the end-result is guaranteed. If you didn’t feel any improvement using garlic to heal yeast infections, just wait for a few more days, and you will notice a big improvement.

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