Will Yogurt Help Cure Yeast Infection?

will yogurt help cure yeast infection will yogurt help cure yeast infection

Will yogurt help cure yeast infection? I myself had asked this question many times in the past, when I suffered from a stubborn yeast infection.

I really feel your pain, and know firsthand what it feels like to suffer from the itching, the burning, and discomfort caused by this heath condition.

When I got my first case of yeast infection, I thought it would clear up on its own in a few days, but I was mistaken. The symptoms stayed there wouldn’t budge for a week, so I thought it is time to see my doctor.

Upon visiting my doctor, he prescribed me some antibiotics, I immediately bought them, and started taking them religiously as prescribed, in the hope that this nasty health problem would fade away.

After a few days I started felling healthier, and most of the symptoms had reduced a lot. I thought I finally won over the itching, and the burning.

I completed my course of treatment, and went on living my life, happy with the result of the medicaments I used.

However, to my surprise three weeks later, I felt a tingling, and burning down there. I couldn’t believe myself; I couldn’t bear the thought that my yeast infection took place again.

I closely examined what it is going down there, and I found a cottage cheese discharge, I felt disappointed. How come, the yeast infection could come back, even though; I followed my doctor advice, and took my mediations as prescribed.

I decided it is time to take matters into my own hands, and started looking for the real reason, that I am still suffering from this irritating health problem.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on, on the subject of yeast infections. I read magazines, books, scientific researches, I spent many hours scouring online sites and forums.

Until one day, I came across an online discussion about the question will yogurt help cure yeast infection, where a former yeast infection sufferer revealed, how she got rid of its condition, using only natural and holistic approach.

She stated that taking antibiotics was the reason behind her yeast infection flare ups. She discovered this truth the hard way. It is then, that I came to know, why my yeast infection came back, after I stopped taking the prescribed antibiotics.

You see, inside your body resides many types of bacteria that cohabit in harmony, until you unintentionally do something wrong, that disturbs this inner balance, such as taking antibiotics for example.

It is then that the bad bacteria ( candida albicans) took over the good bacteria, and disturb your inner balance, which leaves the doors open to yeast infection to settle in.

However, by using yogurt, you can remedy for this health problem, so the answer to your question will yogurt help cure yeast infection? Is a big YES. You just need to apply yogurt on a clean tampon and leave it in there the whole night, in a few days you will notice a remarkable improvement in your health conditions.

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