Using Yogurt For Yeast Infection

The use of yogurt to put and to yeast infections has become increasingly popular among women who believe in natural ways to get rid of the infection instead of resorting to the conventional medicine.

If you suffer from the itching and soreness down there, wondering why your yeast infection won’t go away, and are looking for a cheap, safe way to stop the burning sensation, then this article will show you exactly how to achieve your goal in comfort of your own home.

You are not alone to opt for a natural solution to remedy for the yeast infections; in fact many women prefer natural remedies to using antifungal creams, that’s because they want to avoid the side effects of these pharmaceutical products.

Many women reported many side effects of the vaginal creams that are intended to heal the infection.

These side effects fall into categories:

  • Serious side effects: these include hives, swelling of the face, lips, or tongue, closing of the throat, and shortness of breath.
  • Less serious side effects: these include irritation of the skin, itching, burning, abdominal cramping, and headaches.

However, in contrast to these harmful manufactured creams, using yogurt to treat yeast infections is a safe natural remedy, that has no side effects at all. These aren’t’ just claims without proof, in fact many studies have shown that yogurt that contains Lactobacillus is an effective treatment for yeast infections.

Lactobacillus is a friendly type of bacteria that inhibits the intestinal tracts inside your stomach, as well as your vagina.

When your inner ecosystem is disturbed, Lactobacillus reduces in number, thus leaving space for bad yeasts to overgrow, which causes the infection.

Yeasts are single cellular bacteria, which reside in the intestinal tract, and occupy the damp and moist parts of the body, notably the vagina area.

Three is one harmful type of yeasts, called Candida albicans, which feeds on sugar, when this microorganism grow in abnormal proportions, it releases toxins that cause many health problems including but not limited to: leaky gut syndrome, painful urination, acne, insomnia, weight gain, painful sex, constipation and many other health issues.

By using yogurt to cure a yeast infection, you are restoring the balance between bad and good bacteria in your vagina, thanks to Lactobacillus.

A study conducted in 2012 on pregnant women who suffer from yeast infections, concluded that a mixture of honey and yogurt outperformed an antifungal agent.

In another study conducted in 2015 on 70 non-pregnant women who suffer from yeast infections, showed that a mixture of honey and yogurt was more effective than clotrimazole cream.

The above studies prove that you were totally right when you thought about using yogurt to eliminate yeast infection.

Apart from the scientific studies, there are many personal stories of women who tried the yogurt remedy and were satisfied by the results.

Here are some examples of comments made by these women:

One reader commented:

Yogurt helps to maintain proper intestinal microorganisms. I enjoyed a great relief using yogurts with lactobacillus. It is important to avoid yogurts with nuts, added granola, or chocolate flavoring.

Another reader wrote:

I used probiotics in pill form, because I wanted to avoid any issue with flavoring or lactose.

One reader said:

I buy organic natural yogurt, I always make sure that it includes active strains of bacteria; you should find this information written on tub. This type of yogurt contains friendly bacteria to soothe the itching and irritation down there.

There are two rules you should follow for yogurt to be effective in treating the infection:

The first one is that the type of yogurt you intend to use must contain Lactobacillus, and shouldn’t contain any natural sweeteners.

The second rule states that yogurt must be applied directly into the vagina.

There are really simple and easy ways to do so: You can insert yogurt using your fingers into your vagina, or you can use an applicator to do the same.


  • For three to five days, apply two tablespoons of plain natural yogurt to the vulva and vagina. This will reduce the itching and burning sensation, and if used cold the yogurt will provide an instant relief.

This solution is great to resort damage tissue, and calm the irritation and burning.

In addition to using this natural remedy, it is important to eliminate any factor that may worsen your infection.

Here are the main factors that may disturb your inner ecosystem, and damage the good bacteria:

  • Diet rich in sugar: It is a well known fact that yeast feeds on sugar, so if you have been feeding your body a lot of sugary foods, then know that you are intentionally feeding an enemy inside your gut.

It is time to switch to a low sugar diet to restore your blood sugar balance, which in turn will lessen your risk of getting an infection.

  • Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol can throw your ecosystem out of whack, overload your liver with toxins, and cause yeast overgrowth. Add to this the fact that alcohol is yeast and sugar by product and you can see how it can worsen your current yeast infection.

There is another interesting relationship between yeast and alcohol, which goes against a nature rule that every living organism abides by, this rule states that every living organism that feeds produces waste on the other end, that’s toxic to the living organism. This rule doesn’t hold true with yeast.

In fact the alcohol that yeast produces, serves as a fertilizer to help it grow further. This had been proved by many researches that showed that whom consume alcohol frequently is likely promoting Candida overgrowth.

So for your best interest, it is important to stop consuming alcohol until your yeast infection is gone.

  • Taking antibiotics: Yes, you read that right, antibiotics are one of the main culprits behind yeast infections, I bet you didn’t expect to hear something like this; you most likely have overconfidence in conventional medicine, like many do. But truth is every medication you take has its downside.
Antibiotics cause yeast infection

Antibiotics cause yeast infection

The downside of Antibiotics is that they kill off good bacteria in favor of the bad ones, and thus leaving your immune system vulnerable to attacks from yeasts.

That’s because antibiotics are foreign invaders to the human body, they are man-made, unnatural and artificial.

Yes, sure, they can save lives in an emergency. However, they are not meant to heal, cure, or be used for long period of time. They are designed to provide a short term relief by hiding the symptoms, and do nothing to solve the root cause of the problem.

Sadly, many people use them for years, until the day they are surprised with the accumulated side effects causing a life threatening disease.

So, if you are taking antibiotics, make sure that you really need it, and ask your doctor for any alternatives such herbal or nutritional supplements that you can take instead of the antibiotic.

Opting for a natural and holistic approach to treat your yeast infections is the best decision you can make. Creams and drugs used to treat the infection cannot eliminate the problem for good; they only serve as band-aids to cover the symptoms temporarily.

The only and sure way to get rid of yeast infections, regardless of its level of severity, is by tackling the root cause and eliminating it for good, as the medical researcher and nutritionist Linda Allen explains in this free presentation, where she reveals 1 Weird Trick to Eliminate Candida Overgrowth and Enjoy Freedom From Yeast Infections In As Little As 12 Hours – Guaranteed!

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